Level of uncertainty due to an increased risk of wildfires.


The National Commissioner of Police, in consultation with the Commissioner of Police and the Fire Chief for Western Iceland, the Reykjavík metropolitan area, Suðurnes and Southern Iceland, have declared a civil protection level of uncertainty, due to an increased risk of wildfires.

The area in question extends from Eyjafjöll to the southern part of Snæfellsnes. The recent low levels of precipitation in this area lead to this decision, combined with the low levels of precipitation forecasted for the coming days.

The civil protection level of uncertainty means that response teams will monitor the situation more closely, with regard to anything that may threaten the health or safety of the population, the environment, or inhabitated areas. Declaring a level of uncertainty is part of the procedures employed by the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management to ensure a formal line of communication and full disclosure between responders and the greater public.

The public is encouraged to exercise caution with open flames in these areas and other areas with dry vegetation. It does not take a large spark to ignite a large fire.

If people notice wildfires, they should immediately contact 112.

We have shared information on the website of the Civil Protection Department of the National Commissioner of Police (www.almannavarnir.is) regarding various protective measures that can be implemented to reduce the risk of wildfires https://www.almannavarnir.is/natturuva/eldhaetta/ and also at https://www.grodureldar.is/

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