Warning: Heavy rainfall in south and west Iceland

A warning due to heavy rainfall and increased river levels
From the Icelandic Met Office, Tuesday 11. october 2016, 11:30 UTC

Tonight, tomorrow and Thursday heavy rainfall, exceeding 100 mm/24 hrs, is
forecasted in the south and western parts of Iceland, from Vatnajokull to
Along with the precipitation extreme runoff from glaciers is expected. Increased
waterlevels in rivers and streams is expected, and due to previous rainfall, the ground
is already saturated and river levels high. Risk of flooding is therefore high, epsecially
to the south and west of Langjokull glacier. Travelers area advised against attempting
to cross unbridged rivers and streams in these hazardous conditions. There is also an
elevated ris of landslides in the affected regions.
In urban areas surface runoff could be a problem there fore it is advice that drains and
grids be cleared to handle the rainfall.
Heavy precipitation events for longer periods such as this are highly unusual, and
these conditions are extremely hazardous.

Travelers are urged to show caution when travelling in these areas.

Affected regions according to the latest forecast in south and west Iceland:
Hvítá í Árnessýslu
South of Mýrdalsjökull, including Vík and surrounding area.
Suðurhluti Vatnajökuls
Hvítá og Norðurá í Borgarfirði
Suðurhluti Vestfjarða
There could also be rainfall-related problems in the capital area.