Lightning is not common in Iceland and because of that people are often not prepared to protect themselves from the danger it poses.  If a thunderstorm with lightning passes over, take the following precautions:


  • Avoid water, hills and open areas. 
  • Avoid all metal objects, such as power lines, fences, engines, machines etc.  Dangerous places
    include small huts, or shelters and areas close to trees. Seek shelter, if possible, in larger buildings
    or in vehicles with closed windows. 

If you think lightning will strike near you, you should: 

  • Crouch with your feet together.  Cover your ears with your hands to reduce the risk of hearing damage.
  • Keep at least 5 meters away from the next person.


  • Avoid water.  Keep away from the building’s outside doors, windows and plumbing. 
  • Do not use telephones or headphones. 
  • Keep away from appliances, such as computers, power tools and television sets.  Also keep away
    from antennas. Lightning can strike in wiring outdoors and be conducted indoors.  

Electricity does not remain in persons hit by lightning, so necessary assistance can be rendered immediately. Apply first aid and call the Emergency phoneline at 112.