General precautions if a dangerous situation develops

  • If a dangerous situation develops, it is important that families gather together to coordinate their actions. 
  • If you evacuate your home, keep in mind that mass casualty centers are usually located in schools. 
  • If a mass casualty center is not nearby, contact the police (112) and notify them of your whereabouts.  
  • Report accidents and request assistance by calling Emergency alert number at 112
  • If you need assistance and the telephones do not work, and you have no other means of communication, put a cloth or a flag out of a window, or at some other noticeable location, outside the house. In case of emergency, flags or signals, are a request for assistance. 
  • Do not use the telephone except for emergency purposes.  Keep conversations to an absolute minimum or send SMS.
  • SMS warning messages from the Civil Protection are sent to mobile phones to affected areas before/during emergencies as instructed in response plans and/or in collaboration with the area command. 
  • Announcements are sent from the Civil Protection and published both on their website and social media.  The State Radio and TV as well as other media broadcast emergency information.  

If in need for further information after a disaster, contact 112 or your Embassy, Consulate, Travel Agency or Tourist Information Centre.  If those are not available, contact the  Emergency number 112 or a helpful native and seek advise.