General precautions if a dangerous situation develops

  • If a dangerous situation develops, it is important that families gather together to coordinate their actions. 
  • If you evacuate your home, keep in mind that mass casualty centres are usually located in schools. 
  • If a mass casualty centre is not nearby, contact the police (112) and notify them of your whereabouts.  
  • Report accidents and request assistance by calling Emergency number at 112
  • If you need assistance and the telephones do not work, and you have no other means of communication, put a cloth or a flag out of a window, or at some other noticeable location, outside the house. In case of emergency, flags or signals, are a request for assistance. 
  • Do not use the telephone except for emergency purposes.  Keep conversations to an absolute minimum or send SMS.
  • SMS warning messages from the Civil Protection are sent to mobile phones to affected areas before/during emergencies as instructed in response plans and/or in collaboration with the area command. 
  • Announcements from the Civil Protection are sent to the State Radio and TV as well as other media.  

If in need for further information after a disaster, contact 112 or your Embassy, Consulat, Travel Agency or Tourist Information Centre.  If those are not available, contact the  Emergency number 112 or a helpful native.and seek advise

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