A violent storm is when wind reaches the speed of 33 meters per second, or 74 miles per hour. 

Safety Measures

  • Maintain all parts of your house in good repair.  Ensure that the roof covering is fastened down firmly, along with gutters, fences and other items.

When bad weather or a violent storm, is predicted:

  • Keep loose items from flying around.
  • Ensure that all windows and doors are firmly closed.
  • Cancel trips and gatherings and do not send children to school.
  • Follow announcements on the radio and listen to the weather forecast. 
  • Cover windows to prevent flying glass in case they are broken. Do not locate beds near windows if bad weather is expected. 

If there is danger of a storm surge:

  • Put shutters on windows facing the sea.  Also plug indoor drains.
  • Assess whether you should evacuate to a location farther inland.

Preventive Response

  • Remain indoors during a violent storm and stay on the leeward side of the house (i.e., away from where the wind is directly hitting).