The Scientific Advisory Board met today because of the seismic unrest in Katla

  • The Scientific Advisory Board of the Icelandic Civil Protection met today to discuss the seismic unrest in the volcano Katla that started on Thursday last week. The seismic event is the largest one in Katla for decades. The power of the seismic activity has now decreased dramatically since it was most powerful on Friday.
  • The reason for the seismic activity is most likely magma movement in the earth’s crust. There is no evidence of these movements to be seen on the surface of the glacier.
  • Hydrographical measurements show no signs that can be directly connected to the event.


  • Last Friday, while the seismic unrest was still going strong, the Scientific Advisory Board considered the three following scenarios to be most likely:
    • Seismic activity dies down with no further consequences
    • Glacial outburst flood, jökulhlaup, will emerge from the glacier due to a small eruption
    • Eruption starts in Katla Myrdalsjökull and reaches the surface of the glacier accompanied with glacial outburst floods and ash fall.
  • The seismic episode appears to be over.
  • The seismic activity in Katla over the last two months is significantly greater than it has been for the last few years. At this moment it is unclear whether the activity will continue or if it will decrease even further.

The Icelandic Civil Protection is still working on uncertainty phase because of the seismic unrest in Katla.